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The battle cry and motto of the Midrealm, "Draco Invictus" translates from Latin as "The Dragon Unconquered."

In an email dated July 21, 2006, Duke Syr Laurelen (then Baron Cleftlands) recounted the following tale of the history and origin of "Draco Invictus."

"The Battle cry and motto of the MidRealm seem to have always been bound into the warp and weft of our Realm since time immemorial. It was not always thus, so I present the true history and origin of the phrase.

"Draco Invictus, Dragon Unconquered, was, long ago, a personal motto devised by Duke Syr Laurelen Darksbane, once Baron Cleftlands. It was written in black Early Gothic letters upon two simple, matching gold pennoncels one of which was borne above the armorial banner of the Barony of the Cleftlands (where a newer but identical one remains to this day), and the other upon Laurelen's Household armorial banner (House Elamon).

"Here is what happened in those far-off days of the Dragon Realm:

"All the following took place at the Barons-event in the Barony of Red Spears in the summer of the Reign of David and Tangwystl. The 20th battle of the Pennsic war was imminent and MidRealm forces were being marshalled to meet the great Army of the Eastrealm and his allies.

"King David and Queen Tangwystl watched with approval as the units from what would years later be called Oaken, Constellation, and Pentamere fought and trained all that day in combat. Duke Laurelen, at that time one of the MidRealm Generals, had been told in advance that Their majesties would hold a court upon the field following the combat activites to address their warriors.

"Prior to the event Laurelen made plans for a short presentation to Their Majesties but did not tell the nature of it to either his Baronial warriors or the King and Queen. Being personally friendly with Their Majesties as well as in oath-sworn service, he was invited to come into their court without giving the details of the presentation in advance.

"Laurelen had asked all his baronial warriors to be able to don complete battle regalia, their best and most warlike, after all the battles of the day were over. He had, prior to that event, also asked the warriors of Cleftlands to each bring with them real weapons of steel for he wanted the entire battle unit in full panoply for war. They had all been told to wait for his signal and then do as previously instructed. Thus, it was at that court that Duke Laurelen was called forward and with him came the Battle unit of Cleftlands in full array, each warrior wearing sword or carrying steel-pointed spear and shield. The banners of the Barony and Duke's household were borne on the light breeze of a brilliant summer day with the soft silken sound of mail upon steel and leather as they approached.

"The Duke addressed The King and Queen and said (as nearly as can be remembered), 'This Dragon Realm we all serve and love has ever been faced these 20 years gone with summer war at the eastern borders. Valiantly we have won many battles, and steadfast have we faced defeat. Our Realm remains though, ever stronger, unconquered. We have borne upon our Household banner and our Baronial Arms a personal motto to remind us of this. If your Majesties would permit I would like to offer to all, this token of resolve and faith and belief in the MidRealm. He asked if Their majesties wold permit the Kingdom War Banner, there displayed by their Heralds, to be dipped toward him. They granted this and Laurelen untied from his Household Banner the pennoncel and himself tied it upon the Kingdom Banner, which was then raised again. Their Majesties saw the words and smiled.

"Laurelen then said to Their majesties and the entire court, “This is the MidRealm, ever the Dragon endures, ever the Dragon Unconquered.' Upon those final words he nodded to his warriors and as one, all the swords were drawn in a flash of steel like golden fire in the afternoon and the unit cried as one, 'Draco Invictus.' It was a moment, for those of us who were there, where there was no fantasy.

"Their majesties David and Tangwystl replied with great courtesy and gentilesse and with warlike fervor that the pennoncel would indeed be borne upon the Kingdom banner in token of the strength of the Dragon.

"Thus it was, that summer day seeming so long ago to some, out of memory or history to others, but as yesterday to I, who was there and did those things upon that field, and still today bear upon my Household banner the now ancient, original matching golden pennoncel bearing the words that ever echo belief and faith in the MidRealm's strength, 'Draco Invictus'."

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