Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah

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Chaya-Simcha heralding a Knighting at Rose Tourney 2013
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Canton of Rimsholt; Barony of Andelcrag

Or, a snail gules and on a chief sable three Jew's hats Or.



Simcha bat Yonah is a Jewish lady in the Current Middle Ages. She is the eldest of five (living) children and has traveled extensively with her husband, Tristán Bartolo de la Vega, who is a Spanish merchant and tax-collector. Because Simcha's birth was a troubled one, she has the epithet "Chaya" - meaning "life" - attached to her name, in an attempt to "trick" the Angel of Death. Obviously this ruse was successful as she lived past infancy!

Chaya-Simcha is a herald (one who assists with armorial design, name research and vocal announcing) specializing in customer service. She currently is serving as the Middle Kingdom Heraldic Education Deputy (Buckler Herald) and is working on a series of training modules for consulting heralds.

When she isn't doing herald work, Chaya-Simcha sews garb (primarily 14th Century French, but also 16th Century Spanish). She enjoys European Dance (and playing music for same) and sings polyphonic music at every opportunity: to that end, she founded the Fortnight Singers in the Barony of Andelcrag in November of 2015. She specializes in micrography, a form of calligraphy in which words are used to form pictures, in the style of late 13th-century French & German Jewish manuscripts.

Offices & Positions

Middle Kingdom

  • Buckler Herald (from January, 2016)
  • Fenris Herald (July, 2013 to July, 2016)
  • Kingdom-level Heraldic Commenter (from April, 2010)
  • Laurel-level Heraldic Commenter (from January, 2014)
  • Deputy Webminister for the Dragon Herald (January-May, 2014)
  • Deputy Dean of the College of History & SCA Administration, RUM (April-November, 2014)
  • Dean of the College of History & SCA Administration, RUM (from November, 2014)

Barony of Cynnabar

  • Deputy Chatelaine (January, 2013 - January, 2015), specializing in recruitment of families with young children
  • Cynnabar Pursuivant (January, 2010 - April, 2013)
  • Deputy Webminister (2007 - 2009)

Awards & Achievements

  • Companion of the Order of the Dragon's Heart (probably for heraldry service), Middle Kingdom; September, 2016.
  • Award of Silver Oak (specifically for Jewish Culture/Persona research), Middle Kingdom; March, 2014.
  • Event Steward Middle Kingdom Twelfth Night (373 through gate), Barony of Cynnabar; January, 2014.
  • Advanced Division (Late Period) Division Winner Quest for the Golden Seamstress, 2013, 2015.
  • Award of Purple Fret (specifically for serving as Herald), Middle Kingdom; February, 2011.
  • Award of the Tower's Foundation, Barony of Cynnabar; February, 2010.
  • Award of Arms, Middle Kingdom; November, 2008.
  • Novice Division Winner Quest for the Golden Seamstress; 2008, 2010.
  • Award of the Elephant's Heart, Barony of Cynnabar; April, 2007.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

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