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A buckler (French bouclier 'shield', from old French bocle, boucle 'boss') is a small maneuverable shield, primarily used for deflecting and punching blows. They are normally made from metal, however occasionally from hardened leather and sometimes from layers of wood.

Bucklers are typically round and frequently between 8 to 16 inches in diameter, but octagonal, square, and trapezoidal versions were also known.

The sword and buckler is one the oldest and most frequently combat systems. It has been a popular choice for both solders, knights and competitions since around 1100 A.D. However its small size made it poor protection against missile weapons, such as bows, but it's speed and agility it was a popular choice in close quarters or hand-to-hand combat. The buckler was excellent for both blocking and punching the opponent.

However it is extremely rude, and illegal to punch your opponent in the face with your shield or basket hilt.

In the SCA bucklers are most commonly found in rapier combat however they can occasionally be seen on the the heavy weapons list.

Not to be confused with the office of the Buckler Herald.


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