Brangwyne of Red Spears

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Brangwyne of Red Spears
Resides:Barony of Red Spears
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Argent a wolf passant, on a chief purpure a lightning bolt argent.




Offices & Positions

Current Positions

  • Barony of Red Spears Head Retainer 2018-present
  • Barony of Red Spears Heavy Champion 2019-present
  • Authorized Armored Fighter 2014-present

Previous Positions

  • Marche of the Marshes Heavy Champion
  • Royalty Liaison - Baron Wars, Pounce, Yule Feast
  • Retainer - Many events, including Pennsic
  • Feast Server - Pounce,Yule Feast
  • Kitchen Prep - Pounce, Yule Feast

Classes Taught

  • How to Retain - NOWM, Pounce, Yule Feast


Kingdom Awards

  • Court Baroness - 9-10-2016
  • Order of the Dragon's Heart - 8-7-2014
  • Award of the Purple Fret - 11-2-2013
  • Award of Arms - 6-25-2011

Barony or Red Spears Awards

  • BoarsHeart - 8-2019
  • Orde van de Zuil - 8-5-2015
  • Order of the Boarsbane - 10-1-2011


Student of Ragnvaldr Jonsson and Arabella Silvermane

Running for Baroness of Red Spears with Artemisia Voltera - 2020

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Armored Combat, Retaining, Service

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