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Resides:Canton of Ealdnordwuda
Status:Current Member
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Born in Seville, Spain. Was born the bastard son of a upper class family The Ramas. Alonso lived in poverty with his loving mother, and never knew who his father was until the death of his mother. Once he found out, he made it his goal to find his family. Once he arrived on the steps of the Ramas family he was immediately disowned and banished. His father wanted to keep him a secret, for he did not want his wife to uncover the affair.

However, he discovered that he has a half brother Diego Ramas who had became a rebel and pirate. Without any goals in life at the time Alonso decided to search for his half brother.

Alonso, quickly became a pirate to follow in his brother's footsteps, and in search of his brother he was captured by the Spainish Armada. As punishment for being a Pirate he was sent to join Francisco Lórenz de Rada's convoy to New Spain as a front line soldier. He fought the war to capture and conquer present day Mexico by Francisco Lórenz de Rada's side. He quickly became one of Rada's personal guard.

Alonso was given the surname "de la Mano Negra" due to his skill with rapier and pistol during his years spent as a Pirate. His hands were always covered in black due to gun powder and thus he was given the surname of "the black hand".

After Rada was promoted to become the viceroy of New Spain and life governor of Mexico, Alonso was released of his duties, and given back his freedom. Alonso now travels as a freeman to explore the world and spread the art of La Verdadera Destreza.

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