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One of the most frequently misunderstood of the knightly virtues. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Franchise as Freedom, immunity, privilege and as an attribute of character or action; Nobility of mind; liberality, generosity, magnanimity or Freedom or licence of speech or manners.

Being a part of the Noble class

One of the aspects of our modern idea of Franchise (like as in a Burger Franchise) is belonging or brotherhood. Being a part of a privileged class... how can this be a virtue, you may ask? Well, being a part of the noble knightly class may have been seen as a bit of a virtue on its own in a medieval hierarchy mindset, but also belonging to that class makes one free. (See also Noblesse.)

Another way of seeing Franchise as a virtue may be simply the virtue of owning your place in society; not being a poser and knowing what is and is not your due. (See also Humility)

Freedom as a Virtue

Simply put, if one is not free to act, is compelled into virtue, are they indeed virtuous? Without free will and free choice you cannot weigh a person's actions as representing their worth.

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