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Captain Duncan Burns
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Sable, a chevron vert fimbriated argent and in base on a plate a brazier sable enflamed vert.

About this person



Duncan is a Borderer, what many call a Reiver. Most respectable English folks would label him a Scot. Any respectable Scot of course would consider him an Englishman. Both agree that he is not to be trusted around livestock.

Born in a time (1540) of constant War between Scotland and England, Duncan has understandably grown up to be unsettled by the calm between battles(it is 1585 for him).

The second son of a second son, gavelkind left him with little choice but to turn his violent skills to profit.

Currently called to the stand before the Warden of the Middle March for a violation of Border Law, Duncan chose instead to seek useful purpose outside the Debatable Lands. Initially he settled on the Border between Northshield and the Midrealm. Once a Borderer...always a Borderer and the Northshielders guarded their sheep poorly. However...he found a better place to build a keep on the Border between the Midlands and Constellation. So far, no one has caught him stealing anything.

So far.

Offices & Positions

Marshal of the Field

Midrealm Army Chief of Operations

Regional XO, Unbelted Champions Midlands 4 terms

Regional Legion Commander Midlands 3 terms

Champion in the War Band of King William of Fairhaven I (AS51)

Founder: Combat Camera Corps[overall]/Midrealm[Operator]


Squired to Sir Gueric der Wilde Fuchs || Often assigned the Byname 'Monster'

Married to Capt Mei Li.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

The 4 cuts, The Place, and True Time.

I spend a fair amount of time trying to shove as many Period Fightbooks into useful ideas as possible.

Awards and Honors

Order of the Royal Vangaurd 23 Sept, 2017/A.S. 52

Order of the Dragon's Heart 23 Jun, 2016 /A.S. 51

Order of the Gold Mace 13 Jun, 2015 /A.S. 50

Order of the Red Company 14 Aug, 2006 /A.S. 41

Award of Arms 13 Nov, 2004 /A.S. 39

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